The Ultimate Smart House of the Future

// penthouse luxury
// tiny house economy
// integrated technology

Imagine unparalleled beauty, efficiency and integrated technology, in a home designed exactly for you and the people that you love.
Experience refreshing tranquility by the fireside on a warm summer night as you reconnect with the outdoors and wonder at the heavens.
Harness autonomous mobility to transport you and your home from one city to another as you slumber in your mini loft or master tasks at your mini bar.
Rest easy knowing that your home has plans for expanding, connecting with others, downsizing, aging in place and accomodating special accessibility needs.
Find your center amid books and soft duvets while lofted into the tree canopy - a meditation skylight awaits for viewing clouds or stars.
The ember - a small home with a big heart and endless features to rekindle your passion for living.

// video

get inside the ember

a cinematic introduction to the micropenthouse that is rekindling passion for living.

Vimeo Video

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// features

Design Features

  • 13'6" H X 18' L X 7'11" W
  • 250 SF indoor living (150 SF first floor, 100 SF loft space) // 600 SF outdoor living // 850 SF total usable area
  • custom trailer base for mobility and envelope size for road legality
  • structurally insulated panels and triple-pane curtain wall systems
  • cozy indoor / outdoor living space with integrated glass-enclosed gas fireplace
  • micro-kitchen for small-plate meals and bar with open-air dining
  • outdoor deck and table for large-scale entertaining
  • sleeping for six with two elevated sleeping lofts and day bed
  • indoor bathroom and shower, outdoor shower
  • accessibility code adherance for limited mobility considerations
  • multiple configuration options for MicroPenthouse adjacencies as families grow and disperse
  • aging-in-place design allowing lifetime of occupation

Sustainability Features

  • solar roof panels made from solar cells for maximum efficiency
  • passive heating and cooling concept integration
  • natural ventilation concepts
  • passive house curtain wall energy-saving fixed glazing with air-tight seals
  • triple-pane glass that changes from transparent to tinted for solar control via a smart phone interface
  • high-performance SIPs envelope
  • water-saving technology
  • low-flow water closet system
  • integrated water recycling system
  • seamless heating and cooling system designed into louvre panels and ceiling soffits
  • eco-friendly lighting
  • no VOC and locally / responsibly sourced materials
  • rainwater collection system
  • climate-based migration potential
  • socially responsible purchase and payment plans

Technology Features

  • grand vision of nomadic mobility between MicroCommunities with autonomous vehicle trailer interface
  • proposed development of the MicroPenthouse Ember application to remotely operate and control all systems such as:
  • autonomous navigation
  • heating and cooling
  • lighting and shading
  • water pressure and usage
  • culinary management - food delivery and dishes pickup
  • wardrobe management - clothing delivery and laundry pickup
  • fireplace settings and integrated music speakers
  • loft ladder, window and door operation
  • waste systems management
  • intranet and technology / data management
  • offsite storage for larger-scale personal items with pickup and delivery

  • // renderings

    Ember A Work of Art

    from the gracious tree canopy-inspired kitchen curtain wall glass to the elegant styling of the bath and deck - we considered the Ember as a legacy project with a classic, modern and minimalistic character.


    Kitchen View

    Dining View

    Living View

    Bath View

    // virtual reality

    Ember An Experience

    (Best Viewed Directly on Desktop or With VR Viewer for Mobile Devices by Link )

    We could not have understood the joy of the living wall or the excitement of the loft without actually standing in the space. Use a basic virtual reality headset to view the links below. We personally use Pasonomi VR Glasses to view immersive virtual spaces. We created these views with Revit LT 2016, Autodesk Cloud Rendering and Stereoscopic View Generation Services by Autodesk.

    // team

    Emily Bisaga Dunne

    A Design Technologist with a passion for connecting people through forward-thinking design

    The Idealist

    Walter Bisaga Dunne

    A Mechanic who approaches everything from a detail-oriented and functional perspective

    The Realist

    // mission

    Launch the Ember


  • Phase I: Complete construction documents for the Ember (Est. $200,000)
  • Phase II: Complete schematic design, design development and version release of applications (Est. $800,000)
  • Phase III: Complete fabrication of MEP and structural systems (Est. $800,000)
  • Phase IV: Build a protoype of the Ember for showcase, research and development (Est. $500,000)
  • Phase V: Release the Ember to market (Est. $200,000)

    We believe in working smarter, with the help of a smarter home.


    We believe in working together and connecting with one another.


    We believe in a better future and a more fulfilling way of living.


    Email with questions.


  • Phase I: $000,000 of $200,000
  • Phase II: $000,000 of $800,000
  • Phase III: $000,000 of $800,000
  • Phase IV: $000,000 of $500,000
  • Phase V: $000,000 of $200,000

    Phase I
    Phase II
    Phase III
    Phase IV
    Phase V

    // press

    Meet the Ember // A MicroPenthouse Changing the Future of the Residential Housing Market and Rekindling Passion for Living

    (Article by MicroPenthouse Founders - Published October 20, 2016)